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The heart-wrenching friendship 『Tucker and Dale vs Evil』

Hello everyone, it’s Hama-sansu!
This time, I’d like to introduce

“Tucker and Dale vs Evil” !

I like it: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Recommendation: ☆☆☆☆
You’re the devil: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(out of 10 stars)

The story of an unprecedented friendship will bring you to tears !?

It’s too bad they’re not getting this much luck.

You’re going to fall in love with two of the number one guys you want to be friends with!

“Tucker and Dale vs Evil” is a 2010 Canadian-United States horror comedy.

When a couple of dull men try to enjoy a vacation in a battered villa they’ve finally acquired, they get caught up in a series of misfortunes.

A series of unlucky events that happen far beyond expectations.

You’ll be laughing at the unluckyness of the impossible!

Tucker and Dale vs Evil Movie Information

release date

February 11, 2012

running time (of a movie)

89 minutes.

Staff and Cast


Eli Craig.


Eli Craig.
Morgan Jurgenson.


Tyler Labine.
Alan Tudyk.
Katrina Bowden.
Jesse Moss.
Brandon Jay McLaren.
Christie Laing.
Charlan Simmons.
Philip Granger.

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Synopsis of Tucker and Dale vs Evil

A cameraman and a reporter are filming inside a shady building.

They seemed to be trying to reserch in this abandoned house to confirm the urban legend.

The moment they enter the inside of the building, they are attacked by someone.

The last thing on the camera that the cameraman dropped was a mysterious man with a horrible look on his face.

The scene changes.

A group of college students, a man and a woman, are driving to a country lakeside to enjoy a summer vacation.

They stop at a gas station for beer and supplies.

They flinch at the eerie atmosphere there and try to leave quickly.

Two men are watching them.

The two men are the main characters in this story, Tucker and Dale.

Tucker and Dale are best friends who have been friends since childhood.

This time they came to spend a vacation at his longed-for vacation home that they had saved up money to get.

Dale, unsure of himself, is brave enough to pick up a girl from a group of college students.

However, he is chased away because of his questionable appearance.

They had no choice but to head straight to the villa.

On the way, they are stopped by the sheriff, who warns them to be careful because the land ahead is prone to disaster.

Tucker and Dale arrive at the villa.

The cottage is not the prettiest, but the two men seem to like it and begin to take care of it.

That night, a group of college students are camping out and talking about an unpleasant incident that has been passed down through the region.

20 years ago, a group of college students just like them were slaughtered here in this area in an unsolved case.

To lighten the darkened atmosphere, they decide to take a swim in the lake.

Meanwhile, Tucker and Dale are enjoying a nighttime fishing trip on the same lake.

There, they see a girl from a group of college students fall into the lake.

Tucker and Dale rush to save her and get her on the boat.

Unfortunately, another college student sees the scene and thinks she has been kidnapped by the killer.

This is where the legend of Tucker and Dale’s unluckiest day ever begins.

Highlights of Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Tucker and Dale’s friendship is just too precious!

I can’t help but feel sorry for them as they get caught up in a storm of misunderstandings & misunderstandings that get them into a hell of a lot of misery, even though they’re so damned good!

But the misfortune they encounter is so unusual that it makes the viewer laugh (laughs).

The college students are so silly that you’ll be laughing beyond dismay at the mayhem they cause.

In a way, it can be as much fun as The Final Dead Coaster, so I can recommend it to those who like that movie.

This movie is a horror-comedy, so I can recommend it to people who don’t like horror, but the drawback is that there are some scenes that are a little bit gross.

It’s one of those movies that I highly recommend to those who have a slight tolerance for gore!

I urge everyone to watch this movie and cry (?) at the ultimate friendship between Tucker and Dale. Let’s do it!

Spoiler impressions for Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Favorite place

First of all, the way the college student died was amazing.

The first time death, the student was looking away and running, and a sharp tree drove him through his body and died.

I thought this movie was actually quite peaceful until then, but

That’s where I was forced to change my mind at once.

From there, the way college students die from that point on is beyond my imagination.

Some fell and stabbed themselves into wooden spears, others got their legs tangled and dived themselves into the crusher, etc.

It’s not surprising that Tucker and Dale would think that a suicide circle had attacked them.

My favorite way to die in the film is to die in the explosion.

However, Chad’s life force that survived that explosion is the most horrific.

Chad, that guy is too crazy (laughs).

He’s not going to call the police, he’s going to say this is his chance. he is a natural born killer. No doubt about it.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the college group has been wiped out by Chad.

I also like the girls in the college student group who try to smoke right away.

You, don’t smoke in that situation! And that’s where she starts smoking.

Maybe it was marijuana, not cigarettes, but either way, she was crazy too (laughs).

And the best part of this movie is still the lovable characters, Tucker and Dale!

Dale, who is a dull man but pure and surprisingly intelligent, and Tucker, who continues to encourage Dale, are a great combination.

I really prayed a lot that Tucker didn’t die along the way.

I’m glad the fingers connected at the end as well. I don’t know whose finger it was…

It’s also nice to see the reporter getting attacked at the beginning of the film connect with the last one.

I wondered what that scene was about, and I didn’t realize it would connect at the very end.

It’s a scene that didn’t need to be there, but I thought it was a good horror punchline that conveyed more of Chad’s brutality if it was there.

Also, the dog was cute.

Something that bothered me

I feel most sorry for the sheriff….

He was a decent guy, and I pity him for dying an unfortunate death just because he got caught up in those people.

There’s a scene early on where Dale calls out to a girl, where he talks to her with a big scythe, for some reason.

Tucker, it’s fine to give Dale courage, but shouldn’t you have told him to put the scythe down first and then talk to her?

Anyone would run if someone talked to you with a sickle that big. I’d run away too.

Friendship forever

It’s good to have a friendship where you can risk your life, isn’t it?

People in the world are always talking about their connections and hundreds of friends, but that’s not the point!

As long as you have a good friend who is willing to risk their life, that’s all that matters!

That’s the only thing that adds color to your life.

But there are few people in the world who have the beautiful friendship that Tucker and Dale have.

In fact, finding a lifelong friend may be more difficult than finding your marriage partner.

I wish I had a hundred friends like that!

So I’ll see you all soon!