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Sin and Life “Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan ‘Confessional’”

Hello everyone, this is Hama-sansu!
This time around, I’d like to introduce

“Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan ‘in the confessional’”!

I like it: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Recommendation: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Confessional is a scary place: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(out of 10 stars)


The story revolves around a character from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Part 4, manga artist Rohan Kishibe. The second spin-off OVA!

In this omnibus of the strange story of the curious and fearless Kishibe Rohan’s experience The series is

Even if you’ve never read “JoJo,” you’ll enjoy this one.

What was the horrible episode told in the confessional that Rohan Kishibe entered out of curiosity?

Enjoy it with beautiful animation!


Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan ‘Confessional’’s work information

release date

March 25, 2020.

running time (of a movie)

25 minutes.

Staff and Cast

original work

Hirohiko Araki


Toshiyuki Kato


Toshiyuki Kato


Takahiro Sakurai
Hiroki Takahashi
Shoto Kashii
Yuki Kaji
Wataru Takaki
Mamiko Noto

official website


Synopsis of Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan “Confessional”

When Rohan Kishibe was having tea at the cafe, his friend Koichi Hirose asked him to do something for him.

He was going to Italy on a business trip, and he wanted to ask him to learn Italian language.

Before Rohan Kishibe asked him to do this, He spoke to Koichi Hirose about his experiences in Italy.

The episode was when Rohan Kishibe was injured and had to suspend his manga series. It was when Rohan Kishibe went to Venice, Italy to cover the event.

Kishibe Rohan went to a church in Italy and found a confessional there.

In order to satisfy his curiosity, he went inside the confessional and started to investigate.

Then, someone enters the booth across from him and starts to confess.

The booth that Kishibe Russo entered was not for believers, it was for the priest to come in and hear the confession!

Fortunately for him, Kishibe Rohan decides to listen to the confession of a stranger.

However, the confession of the believer was something he could never have imagined…


The highlight of Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan “Confessional”

This episode has little to do with Rohan Kishibe.

But that’s why the story is filled with immense tension, and we who hear the confession are just as much a part of it as Rohan Kishibe You have to listen to that story with bated breath.

And the end of the story will send chills down your spine.

You’ll leave with the feeling that you’ve just watched a good short horror film.

If you liked “The Twilight Zone” and “Goosebumps”, you’ll love this video.

The original work was published in 1997 in Weekly Shonen Jump as a special read-out.

After more than 20 years, it was made into an anime, but it still hasn’t become old.

The animation is also very gorgeous and the shading is well done and the suspense that I felt in the original work is You can taste it as it is.


Spoilers impressions for Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan “Confessional”

Favorite place

I was reading this episode when the original was published and it really scared me to turn the pages!

The picture of the hobo’s grudge hanging at his feet was deeply scary.

And this ending from there was mind-blowing.

I didn’t think they had the fake!

And I can’t imagine having to be chased by both the fake and a vagrant ghost.

I didn’t realize it was the fake who was having such a heated battle with the ghosts and popcorn. I’m impressed that you did an amazing job, Mr.Fake.

I want to learn from his quick wit to light the popcorn and chase away the pigeons.

And Rohan Kishibe’s closing remarks made me think.

What the confessor did was certainly bad, but his positive attitude of somehow surviving the curse. There is certainly some respect for the power.

However, I’m very sorry about the fake man…


Something that bothered me

Ghosts being tricked by fakes is cute, isn’t it?

It’s a pretty outlandish judging system, where the only thing that matters is if they look like each other.

Since it’s a grudge, I think it should be judged more by the soul.

I’m also worried that my daughter might be traumatized to see the scene where someone’s head was blown off.

His daughter seemed to familiar the fake man quite a bit, so I wonder how long he’s been replaced?

I think they were replaced for this time quite a while ago.

I’m curious.


Life goes on.

The setting of coming to reap life at the height of happiness was told by the author’s father and grandfather.

“If you usually live a life of deception, you’ll be punished when you’re at your happiest.”

He said that He uses these words as a commandment.

And Mr. Araki said that he likes a protagonist who doesn’t get upset about it.

Life is full of mistakes and failures.

You can’t grow if you stand still for a long time in response to them.

The protagonist’s strong will to survive no matter what the crime is, even if it means turning anyone into a sacrifice, is something to be emulated.

Even if you have to suffer the punishment of hell in the future….

So I’ll see you all soon!